Just a disclaimer: this isn't perfect... yet. Tablets or mobile devices are not supported, I still have a lot of features to implement, a lot of technologies I need to research, a few bugs to fix, and you need the latest version of JAVA to play. Still, this is a fairly stable prototype. You can be sure that I'll be working on this for quite a while and bringing new things online in the future. For now, enjoy this early prototype and be sure to send me plenty of feedback!

Sorry, but your browser doesn't support HTML5 canvas.

How to play:

  • Use the Arrow Keys or WASD keys to move your aircraft.
  • Press the CTRL key to fire your aircraft's weapons.
  • Press the R key to repair damage to your aircraft.
  • Use the Space Bar to cycle through the "Card Slots". Cards you collect will always replace the card in the selected slot.

Collect "cards" that enemies drop to upgrade the abilities of your aircraft. You can mix and match your upgrades however you like, or collect multiple upgrades of the same type to become extra powerful. You can also sell cards as you collect them and earn cash for repairs or buying more upgrade slots. There are currently five types of upgrades - each one having up to three levels. These upgrades include Blasters, Missiles, Lasers, Speed, and Health Regen.

So, what do you think? Did you find any bugs? Do you have some feedback or suggestions, or maybe a wishlist of features? What are you waiting for... let me know all about it!